Sin, Homosexuality, & Prop 8

5 11 2008

In the past few weeks I have been a part of a spirited debate on the topic of California’s Prop 8 (dealing with how marriage is to be legally defined in the state constitution).  One comment offered by a ELCA pastor in this discussion claimed that she knows of many homosexuals who have been driven out of the church because they have been treated to judgement making them feel that “they are evil/wrong/sinful/for loving who they love.”

Interestingly I come to church each week to hear that I am evil, wrong, and sinful, that is what I confess.  Confession is a critical part of Lutheran worship.  Each week even the “best” Christians fail, they fall short (Romans 3:23).  We all sin and need forgiveness.  One of my favorite times of the week comes when I affirm that I am a “poor, miserable sinner.”  Second to that moment, I love being able to communicate that truth in our congregation’s Kids’ Church.

Each week we recite the following confession “Father, forgive me. Forgive me when I sin. When I do what is wrong and when I don’t do what is right. Forgive me.”  Not as detailed as corporate confession in the LSB, but I believe it communicates to children, on their level, both sins of commission and sins of omission along with how through confession and trusting the blood of the Lamb, we freely receive God’s forgiveness.

The kids get it.  They know that they sin and need forgiveness, not just weekly, but daily (hourly).  How it is that some pastor’s in the Lutheran tradition are able to dismiss the need to proclaim not only the Gospel, but also the Law defies my imagination.  Why offer the Gospel if it is not needed?  Jesus saves, but from what is the necessary question.  Without the Law, there is no way to see the need for the Gospel that one has.  If we simply dismiss the moral prohibition of the Bible as being old fashion, out of step, or no longer applicable, then does God’s word not lose its authority to speak in our lives.  When we deliver the Law we are to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15), it is not love to fail to be clear on what God deems wrong and right, just as it is not love to with hold God’s offer of free grace and forgiveness.



One response

16 11 2008

“they are evil/wrong/sinful/for loving who they love.”

Eyah, I’d worry about they (kidding!) being wrong for not using whom!

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