Silly Christian Comments

28 11 2008

The following is a list of a few of the many silly comments that otherwise well meaning Christians make without much thought of the implications of their use.  In the coming days I hope to offer thoughts on the nature of the foolishness of these statements.  In other words, I will attempt to offer the reflection on each of the below listed comments that might give their commenter pause when tempted to employ their usage.

  1. No Creed but Christ
  2. Deeds not Creeds
  3. Preach Christ, if necessary use words
  4. We just preach the Bible
  5. Dead Orthodoxy
  6. Its a matter of the heart not the head
  7. Our church is a “Bible Church”
  8. We only preach Christ
  9. In case of rapture this car will be unoccupied
  10. Your best life now
  11. Spiritual not religious

As more come to mind the may be added to the list and to further posts.



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