Haggard Preaches? Sort of, maybe?

3 12 2008

Ted Haggard, on the 2nd annivesary of the sex scandal that brought down his ministry at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, preached a pair of sermons and Open Bible Fellowship, a congregation of a friend of his.   I took a look for the original audio file as posted on www.tedhaggard.com, but as you can tell by following the link there is no site currently there.  Take a listen to the ABC news broadcast of parts of the sermon.  There might be more in the orignal complete “sermon” but as presented below, I cannot say that this should really be called a sermon.  The content is all about Ted.  How can this be called a sermon?  What just because he was a pastor anything he does is called preaching?  You be the judge.



One response

9 12 2008
Mark Hollingsworth

I think your are right. I don’t think that was really a sermon. It maybe a post confession, pre-launch of his new ministry to come. I don’t know for sure, of course. I’m all for forgiving and restoring but under the authority of the church and Godly peers. I’m not sure that has happened yet. It will be interesting to see the outcome.
Thanks for the post,

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