Youth Ministry Month! Celebrate!

14 06 2011

The following was sent via e-mail from the LCMS.  You can see the original that does not run off the edge HERE or follow the links to read more from each author.

June - Youth Ministry Month

Alicia Learning-to-cooperate
Duringmy 13 weeks as a student teacher at Concordia Lutheran High School

(CLHS) I was assigned to work in English and math classrooms.  Being

a student teacher in such classrooms meant that along with regular lesson-plan-writing, I’d be filling out reflective journals and other paper work on my time spent at CLHS. And to help with this process, I was assigned two cooperative teachers. I liked to think of them as sort of spirit guides on my quest toward becoming a teacher.   READ MORE >>

Kyle Blake Are-we-ready-to-face-the-realityJohn woke from his nightmare with cold sweat dripping from his brow, bedclothes tangled around his trembling limbs. He could still see the hand in his dream, writing on the wall just as it did at Belshazzar’s feast, You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. (Daniel 5:27 NIV)  Thank God, it wasn’t a recurring nightmare; just this once was horrible enough.
chirs A-DCE-in-Youth-Ministry
“Director of Christian Education. What is that?
Maybe your church staffing committee is looking to call one or you are looking at the possibility of Christian Employment in this role.At first glance it would seem to be someone who directs the educational ministries in a congregation. Another would be someone who works with youth. The “Youth Director” or youth worker.  READ MORE >>
Glen-Thomas You-impacted-my-lifeMy wife Anne recently had an experience that made her stop and think “big picture” about her life and vocation. She received a high school graduation card from a girl she taught in kindergarten 12 years ago. The card contained a graduation picture of the girl and a note thanking Anne for the impact she had upon this girl’s life.   READ MORE >>
new-ruth So-boredI am so bored! How many times have I heard those words as a parent? Especially during the long summer vacation. A friend told me recently that when you are bored it’s a gift, and it’s increasingly a rare gift. Many people today are over-scheduled, overstimulated, overworked, and over and over-name your own over…  READ MORE >>

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