Back to School

24 08 2011

Just yesterday Concordia University, Irvine opened its 36th academic year and I truly began my teaching career.   When people have asked me in the past day how the first day went, I seem to consistently respond with a mixed review of myself.  I know that I have enough of my mother’s perfectionist streak in my that the standards I apply to myself run the risk of being out of line with reality.  I might apply expectations to myself that are not reasonable to apply to a new professor.  But is that all that is taking place.  Sure I have a certain awareness that I might not be expressing all that I would like to as well as I might like to, but on the positive side, I believe that what this points to is a true desire to learn the craft of teaching.

I have spent many years teaching youth groups, confirmation classes, bible studies, and children’s ministry events like VBS and Kids Church, but I am new to presenting this learning to future colleagues.  If I am able to recognize this and remain humble as I learn how to teach, I may well be formed into a quality professor.

This is a lesson that I believe applies to all of us across our lives.  No matter what our profession or job, no matter our stage in life, no matter the relationships we have, God calls us to humbly remain teachable.  This has been what I have looked for (and will continue to look for) in leaders for the church.  Being teachable does not negate what you know, it merely recognizes the limit to our understanding.  As my wife has been teaching me for sometime, I am not good at everything, and that is truly ok.

So as school begins, whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or just know some, our challenge is to be a teachable learner in Christ’s Kingdom.   Let’s sit at the foot of the cross and draw in deeply of the rich wisdom handed down in the pages of Scripture along with the collected wisdom of those wise folks God has placed in our live.  This is certainly my hope for myself this fall.



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