ReVisioning DCE Ministry for Emerging Contexts

17 08 2012

It is about that time to reinvent “It’s the Word” yet again.  As I have been seeking to find my voice for this blog in the past, I seem to have struggled with what I might have to offer that other might find worth reading.  Enough of that.  

That approach left me seeking to offer polished conclusions rather than explorations in what might be.  What might be is where I hope to venture in coming posts.  The Word of God is the foundation of Christian faith and life.  How the church structures that faith and life around the revelation of God in the pages of the Bible has been continually reinvented over the centuries.  Now I don’t mean t imply innovation for the sake of novelty.  Though that has and very much does take place today, what I am talking about the the healthy recognition that as people and culture changes methods of communicating our timeless message has and continues to be crafted and recrafted to ensure that it is well understood in the context in which it is presented.

The structures of ministry the facilitate that communication of the Gospel themselves have changed over the centuries and continue to do so.  What I hope to do in the next run of posts is to attempt to explore the implications of our current context of ministry, specifically (though not exclusively) with an eye toward DCE’s ministry in the Pacific Southwest District.  Sounds kind of specific I know.  The reason for this is the this is the context in which I am called to lead through my dual ministry at Youth & Family Ministry Facilitator for the Pacific Southwest District ( and as a professor at Concordia University, Irvine (  

I will attempt to interact with particular works and thinkers that have bearing on ministry today.  As you encounter books or thinkers who you have been influenced by or who you might like to see discussed, please post a comment to let me know.  The goal will be to engage in an joint exploration, which implies that my voice cannot go it alone in this project.  I will post intentionally provocative questions not in an attempt to offer finalized thinking but to push forward areas in which we all need to struggle together to reach for new consensus (at least where that is possible).  If you have topics you would like to see and interact with let me know.  I look forward to see what we might end up exploring as we consider how we might embark on a ReVisioning of DCE Ministry.   




2 responses

24 08 2012

Are you talking about ecclesiology, communications techniques, the nature of the call, the offices mentioned in 1 Tim. 3 and elsewhere, the content of the message, the nature of the ministry? It might be helpful if you define your terms, because I’m not really clear what you are saying.

24 08 2012

I am thinking a bit comprehensively and perhaps at this early stage with a bit too wide of a net. I am talking ecclesiology and its impact on DCE ministry. I am talking our understanding of the call and the offices in 1 Tim. 3 (dangerous ground I know). I am talking, not so much the content of the message as the received understanding of that message to hearers who may be less than familiar with the claims of our faith. Thus I am talking more about making sure that we are presenting with accuracy the message we intend to present. Finally I am talking that nature of the ministry of DCE’s, how we understand ourselves and how we are understood by others. Naturally as you have thoughtfully pointed out at this early stage I am not being all the precise since I am still at the stage of exploring my thoughts. Keep asking for clarification, it will help we to think through points that on my own I might not consider.

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