Lutheran Discipleship

31 10 2012

I posted the following this morning as a comment to a thread on discipleship on the NADCE facebook page and thought it worth re-posting here:

It seems to me that we know more about how we don’t want to measure discipleship rather than what we do want to use as a metric to gauge how we are doing. We rightly want to avoid measuring things that from a theological stand point might appear to make the work of God into an act of man. We spend the bulk of our time making sure that we have our teaching correct on justification that we fail to consider how we can measure what is taking place in our sanctification. I find it rather interesting that I am writing this critic of Lutheran church practice on Reformation Day, but I believe that it holds true. I think a good deal of thought is needed to truly reach a Lutheran understanding of discipleship for today. We can learn much from other traditions who, unencumbered by the concern to maintain clarity on the doctrine of justification, dive in to forming discipleship processes and assessments with great enthusiasm and often great work, but we need to spend sometime reflecting and connecting our theology to develop a conception of discipleship that make sense both in our culture and theology. All that is to say, that I find I have more questions than answers, but believe this to be a critical area in which to really dig in and consider what might be.




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